Welcome to HJs Instrumenten

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This website is a virtual (digital) museum containing my instrument collection. You can browse the collection using the menu above. In the collection you will find, amongst others, 'green' Wild Heerbrugg surveying instruments. The collection also contains a large number of (surveying) sextants and associated charting materials. Finally a large number of distance measuring devices are present.

The collection started (as most collections do) with a single set of instruments. These instruments were bought as educational aids and actually used for practical survey work by my students. These consisted of a sextant, station pointer and a sounding lead. Next came the instruments used in my own school days, a Wild T2 and a N2 level. From there on it grew exponentially and now contains many relatively rare instruments.

Feel free to have a look in the digital collection but please do not re-use any images or texts for commercial purposes. The order I have brought into the collection is based on measurement type. Based on the Systeme International (d'unites) I have classed my instruments in time, weight, angle and distance. Within those categories you will find sub categories per type of instrument. In the sub menu's there are also filters for detailed searches.

For those looking for my extensive collection on hydrographic surveying books, please look here: Librarything of Hydrografie