Welcome to HJs Instrumenten

Welcome to my virtual (digital) museum. My collection is along the following lines:

  • Wild Heerbrugg 'green' geodetic instruments
  • Survey sextants (those without filters)
  • Electronic positioning systems including GNSS
  • 'Odd' sized sextants (usually small)
  • 'Odd' material sextants (plastic, wood, paper)
  • Distance meters / stadimeters

Besides 'my' surveying instruments I also display the clocks restored and collected by my wife. The collection is ordered along the main parameter measured to prevent 'strange' overlaps. Where possible instruments may be contributed to different classes to allow easy location in the collection.

The collection is continuously expanded, so do not hesitate to revisit. If you have any remarks or additions to the texts, do not hesitate to inform me. I am always looking for more information about my instruments.