Time is one of the elementairy measurements with other units such as distance nowadays depending on a correct time measurement. Time is measured using the oscilliations of an atom such as Cesium, Rubidium or Hydrogen. These time standards are atomic clocks. Together with my wife we have a number of clocks in the house of which some are related to navigation and positioning while others are just that, clocks.

The instruments in our collection can be divided into:

  • Chronometers and other time measurement devices for accurate measurement of time onboard vessels
  • Mechanical clocks for indicating time at home or the office
  • Quartz / electronic clocks for indicating time at home or the office


  • Mechanical clock

    A mechanical clock uses the movement of a spring or pendulum to keep a regular time. The pendulum design is the oldest design after solar and water clocks.

  • Electronic precision...

    The electronic precision clock is designed to keep very accurate time. There are two basic types, the atomic clock (not in my collection) and the clock as a function of a navigation system where the computation of position is 4D (it includes an accurate time relative to the base system, for example GPS)

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