Many instruments have their own accesoires. When part of the instrument you will find those accesoires listed there. However many geodetic instruments also require additional items such as tripods, staffs or targets. These accesoires are listed in this category.


  • Plotting

    Once an angle or position has been measured it needs to be plotted. Before plotting calculations may have to be performed. Some instruments combine the measurement function with a calculator or plotter allowing the measurement to be directly transformed into a plottable value.

  • Measuring

    These are the accesoires that are either required with an instrument or extentds its basic capabilities. Amongst these accesoires are tripods, staffs, prisms, levels and compasses.

  • Other

    Besides the instruments and their accesoires I have a number of models, pictures, coins and stamps in my collection depicting the 'real' instruments. I do not count replica's in this category as a replica is a recreation of a real instrument. The models are usually scaled down to give an impression of the real, full size, instrument.

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