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Freiberger has been a hallmark of precision engineering and manufacturing since 1771, when Gottlieb Friedrich Schubert was appointed "Bergmechanikus" (mining master mechanic) and founded an independent business to produce mining and metallurgy instruments in Freiberg, Saxony. The business expanded in scope and size, and a century later began industrial-scale production of instruments in a factory with 80 employees. In 1945, the Soviet Red Army occupied and partially dismantled the factory, leaving only 15 workers to continue the work on surveying instruments. 

VEB Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik was founded as nationally-owned enterprise in 1950, expanding in size, personnel, and product line. The company has undergone privatization and re-establishment after the German Reunification, and stands now as FPM Holding GmbH. 

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